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Access Fide Trading is a leading company in the field of export & import agricultural and non-agricultural products with our working group of highly experienced team that can supply the customer with any required information for the process of exporting his product from any Ukrainian port, in addition, we can help our customer with any information needed about the market outside Ukraine. Also we can help our agent by informing him about international market requirements of the agro products needed worldwide and the best time for shipping with the best prices for the agent benefit.

Access Fide Trading can also import any type of agro and non-agro products for the consumption of the local market in Ukraine. We import food products from North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, etc at the high quality & suitable prices for the Ukrainian markets to satisfy the demands & requirements of our market. We are doing our best to boost the good reputation of the importing products in the Ukrainian markets too. Access Fide Trading is managed by highly qualified teamwork whether in import & export departments and the handling of the products by the logistics department which will provide the client with every information needed.

Finally, we are looking for a sincere and strong relationship with all our clients.

Our Businesses

Through our businesses, we continuously strive to maintain a foundation of operational excellence; delivering superior results in the provision of services and products to all our customers.

We have developed a diverse portfolio and international presence. Spanning more than a decade, our success over time is due to entrepreneurship, sound evolution and hard work.

We are a world-class, highly competent and confident company with a well-defined and executable road map. Our strategies drive sustainability and economic growth.

Import, Export, & Distribution

We import and export fast moving consumer products in the international market places. Over the years We have formed strategic alliances with many companies in South Africa, Australia, Mexico, UK, Canadian and the USA.

We have a vast Distribution network which we have built over the last 10years.

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