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Access Fide Trading is redefining the way premium products are being distributed worldwide. Our dedication to supplying top-of-the-line products as well as our long line of strong partnerships and customers have helped us guarantee a  reliable service of the finest organic products which we are proud to present to communities worldwide.

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Don’t miss a unique opportunity to partner with a distribution company that originates from one of the most agriculturally advanced countries in the world.

Quality & Safety

Access Fide Trading embraces innovative business practices that aspire to bring nothing but top-of-the-line organic and nutritional products to communities worldwide.


Access Fide Trading takes pride in a strong track record in worldwide delivery that meets the highest possible standards of Agro & non-Agro regulations and procedures.

We Are Access Fide

Access Fide Trading, a company headquartered in Odessa, is a dynamic and modern trading company for food and non-food products. For more than a decade our activities have been steered and optimized by a professional team of employees so that our business partner can always be guaranteed the same high quality, efficiency, and transparency along the supply chain. The focus of Access Fide Trading is on the collection of agro and non-agro products, the marketing to regional and supraregional consumers as well as the performance- and customer-oriented contract execution. This is based on simple structures, fast information and communication channels and a network of offices.

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Not only do we have a strong product portfolio, but we also have a dedicated team, that provides our customers with a focused and holistic solution according to their needs at the cost that they require, all while providing them with dedicated customer support

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Over the years, Access Fide Trading has built a trusted reputation for providing quality services to both our suppliers as well as our clients. This has been built through constant innovation and always staying true to our commitment – serving our customer’s needs through solutions that always exceed their expectations.

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“Good quality of products and quick response. The best quality they maintain in every product. When it comes to service they provide a very good service. You can buy it very confidently and you get a decent guarantee for your products. Their products are of top quality.”


“Always easy to order and good service. Always easy to order and very quick to get shipped. Amotava has good customer service. Amotava always have what I need in stock and delivers promptly. I would recommend them for any of your food and non-food products!”



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